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Technical Support

  • Precautions for overhaul of generator set and inspections to be done for one year of operation

    Precautions for daily maintenance of diesel generator sets: 1. The disassembled parts must be stored properly, and cannot be lost or placed arbitrarily to avoid collision and damage. 2. The main parts such as rotor, end cover, stator, etc. must be handled with care to avoid damage. 3. When removing each thread, make a mark. When reinstalling, connect with the correct number, and never adjust it wrongly.

  • Causes of black smoke emission during operation of diesel generating sets

    The engine is underpowered and continuously exhausts black smoke. Most or all cylinders of the engine have too much fuel supply. The mixing ratio of fuel and air is imbalanced. The combustion is severely deficient in oxygen. Diesel fuel is not completely burned. The suspended free carbon elements follow. Exhaust gas is discharged together.

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  • The power range of the diesel generator set supplied by our company is 30kw-3000kw, which can meet the specifications of ordinary, automatic, four protection, automatic switching and three remote monitoring, low noise and mobile...

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